Ice Fish is an established and valued supplier of the highest quality fish derived raw materials for the fur industry, pet food industry, feed industry as well as human consumption raw materials as of 2020 in our fully licensed HC facility.

At Ice Fish we work closely with our customers to meet any specific demands they may have. Our strategically located factory is subject to governmental audits to ensure we meet and exceed quality requirements and comply with international industrial standards.

Recognizing the important requirements of our valued customers we have furthermore implemented a system of traceability in our production as this is becoming an increasingly important aspect of food safety management thus offering full traceability from catch, through processing, export and delivery on the market as required. With our separate and fully licensed production facilities we dedicate to feed on the one hand, and food, on the other, we partner with quality conscious buyers on both sides of the Atlantic as well as reaching Asia for various projects.

We enjoy close partnership with our long term suppliers and ensure quality raw materials in line with seasonal availability of products from the pristine waters around Iceland.


Ice Fish ehf was founded in 2009 based on the strong and long standing history of Skinnfiskur ehf which was established in 1997 and is now operating solely under the name of Ice Fish ehf.

As of January 1st 2023 Ice Fish is owned by Lýsi hf. (www.lysi.com).
CEO of Lýsi is Katrín Pétursdóttir.

Former owners of Ice Fish ehf. still remain key employees,
Gulla Aradóttir as CEO & Leifur Einar Arason as CFO.


Our raw material comes from the Icelandic waters, which are strictly monitored by the local government to secure the sustainable utilization of ocean’s natural resources and good treatment of the marine ecosystem.


At Ice Fish we are conscious of the importance of respecting and preserving the environment and have from the beginning put issues of sustainability at the core of our business.

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